Chimney Sweeps Virginia

Make sure that if you hire chimney sweeps virginia beach that they are FIRE certified and they have the proper insurance to handle the job. At our company we are always involved in furthering our education and believe that chimney cleaning starts with education and ends with customer service. You will find that our chimney cleanings are top notch and you really can NOT beat our prices. We also warranty all of our work and guarantee customer satisfaction. We are the best chimney cleaners in the business and would love to prove it to you, so give us a call…

Dryer vent cleanings and repairs

I have recently went on a dryer vent cleaning job. Another company went out there and got their dryer vent rods stuck and had to leave them. I was able to figure the problem out and get it resolved . When you are dealing with dryer vents that are going through the ceiling; make sure if they are diconnected, that you make a hole in the ceiling and not the wall. There is a top plate above the wall studs you will not be able to get through. Just some good tips provided by All N One Company on dryer vents and dryer vent repairs and dryer vent cleaning. If you have any questions just give us a call…

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