Excellent and friendly service. Very reasonable rates. I am an out of town owner. I previously called another chimney sweep company to clean/inspect my rental condo’s fireplace/chimney and to clean the dryer vent. The company I first called went to my condo and told me my fireplace and chimney needed $4,000 of work, and that my dryer vent run needed to be replaced for $700. I then called Dale who went to my property, repaired my fireplace for $250, cleaned the chimney, inspected the chimney, and then repaired the “damage” the other company had caused to my dryer vent. Everything works fine now. Dale even emailed me pics to show me what was gong on. Very reliable and trustworthy! Highly recommended.
R. Williams Corona,CA

“John and Dale took care of me last year and you could not beat the quality and price.”
Ray-A Step In Time

“Best in class! I wouldn’t go anywhere else…“

“All N One Company is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the results.”

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